What can I do?

Donate a first reading book

With approximately 42%, the sub-Saharan region has the highest rate of illiteracy worldwide. Mostly this is due to the poor supply of school materials. In many African countries, there is only 1 school book for 20 to 30 pupils.
Although the use of textbooks is essential in the fight against illiteracy, only 1% of the education budget is used for school books. 
We firmly believe that education is the solution for combating genital mutilation. Therefore we want to set an end to the high illteracy rate by providing a first reading book for every child in Africa .

With a donation of 10 euro, a child will receive its first reading book!
Support us in the fight against FGM!

Become a sponsor

The best way for you to help save a girl from female genital mutilation (FGM) is through sponsorship. As a result of donations received, the Desert Flower Foundation (DFF) enters into a contract with the parents. This contract ensures the integrity of an endangered girl and enables the girls to attend school.

Save a Little Desert Flower and become a sponsor!

Support the treatment of a FGM victim

The cruel procedure of genital female mutilation does not only result in lifelong physical pain but has also psychological consequences for the affected women.

In cooperation with the hospital Waldfriede we founded  the first medical center in Berlin for a holistic treatment of FGM victims worldwide.

The Desert Flower Center offers reconstructive surgeries for FGM victims, gynaecological, urological and psychological treatment. Furthermore the Desert Flower Center offers workshops and educational programs for african communities, medical staff, teachers, activists, social workers, development aid workers, municipalities and NGO´s.
By opening Desert Flower Centers in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Paris we are now able to treat affected women throughout Europe.

Support the treatment of a FGM victim!