Egypt: Girls keep dying while everyone remains silent

In 2009 Egypt banned female genital mutilation, but the cruel practice is still widespread and costing the lives of many girls and women. 90% of women and girls are affected by FGM, which is often carried out by health professionals! 

As we have reported before, many members of the Egyptian government are still remaining silent and even supporting the cruel procedure. 

The silence around the harmful practice has cost hundreds of lives and is still continuing to threaten hundreds more!

Sex remains still a taboo in the Egyptian community, which leads to a great lack of sex education.

More than half of  Egyptians believe that a husband prefers his wife to be cut and around half of men think it prevents adultery. Furthermore many believe it's a religious duty, even though it's not mentioned in the Koran nor the bible.

It needs to stop! There are too many young girls being deprived of their rights and lives.
Religious leaders from all faiths must speak out against FGM and the government needs to carry out harsher convictions on perpetrators and break the silence.

End the silence and save the lives of thousands of girls now!



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