Meet our heroes from Sierra Leone

None of our projects would be reality without this team of heroes

None of our projects would be reality without this team of heroes in Sierra Leone: 

project manager Michael, social worker Wuyatta and Isatta and the man behind the finances: Musa

They are our eyes, ears and hands in the field. They meet our Little Desert Flowers every day, tell us their stories and their needs.

Since they are the ones, who know the real troubles, it is important to us to know their view on our project and to get their help on decisions.

So we asked them, „Is Desert Flower making an impact?“:


Not only do they coordinate every health check and disbursement of funds but they also visit our girls and their families to make sure they are doing good. And trust me with over 1000 Little Desert Flowers this is A LOT of work.

In other words: They are giving their best to save girls in Sierra Leone.

Every Little Desert Flower knows and greets them with open arms every time they visit.

One of our Desert Flowers lost their mother and their sister in a terrible fire. Michael was immediately on the spot to find her a new home and help her deal with her devastating loss.

They are our heroes!

Meeting and talking to them in Sierra Leone inspired our team in every possible way! There are more than our Sierra Leone DF group, there are our friends and together we are on a mission: REPLACE FGM WITH EDUCATION!

Support our project today and save a Little Desert Flower!

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