My visit to Sierra Leone: 50% of 3 graders couldn't write their name!

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When I travelled to Sierra Leone to find new cooperation partners, I experienced joy, laughter but also a lot of pain.

I visited public schools for new projects but what I experienced there, was something I would have never imagined! You think when someone attends school, she or he will grow up to be someone with perspectives... but what I saw was the complete opposite: 

I visited classrooms filled with as many as 60 children eager to learn and one overwhelmed teacher.

When I asked the pupils to write their name for me, they stared at me in abstraction. Only a few could write their name, strained they wrote one letter after another, stopping every once in a while making sure I would nod in approval.

To be clear here, I was in 3rd grade and half of the class was not able to write their own name after three years in school.

But how could they write or read, if they have never held a book before if they have never seen this „ABC“, the teacher is talking about all the time.

There are no school materials whatsoever in these schools. The families can’t afford it and the governments simply don’t care. Why would they? An uneducated population, is a population easy to rule.

These children are destined to live through the same as their parents did and this will continue generation after generation if we don’t put an end to it!

I went back home, devastated and told our team: we have to bring as many Desert Flower Education Boxes as possible to these children, because there is no hope for a bright future if it continues like this.

They need books that they can read and they need pencils to write with, but there is nobody who cares!

We have put everything together, contacted the schools, got the orders and now you come in: only with your help we can distribute the books.

You got the facts now- please support our education project and order a Desert Flower Education Box for a child in Sierra Leone today in our Desert Flower Shop or on our homepage.

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