UK: Where are your actions?

Female Genital Mutilation has been illegal in Great Britain since 1985, but the numbers are still rising and there has not been one conviction in the last 32 years!

In 2016  5 500 new cases of FGM in the UK were reported, but the Police still does not know where young women and girls are being cut.

“FGM investigations, wherever you are in the world, are complex and challenging so it’s not unique to London or the UK.", says Inspector Davis.

Since 2012, the number of FGM has increased from 29 each year, to 20 each month.

Every month cases of FGM are reported in the UK, but the authorities are still no able to bring the perpetrators to court!

FGM is happening within the communities and the government needs to wake up and invest more resources in investigations and education!

Plans were announced last week to make relationship education compulsory in primary schools, and sex education compulsory in secondaries, but including FGM teaching is not mandatory at any age.

The UK has been discussing compulsory sex education for a while now, but nothing happened!

Raising awareness must start in schools! 
We must introduce awareness and education programmes in education plans

Girls must know that this is very wrong and that there is someone they can turn to when they are in need!

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