Unbelievable: US lawyer argue FGM is constitutional

Earlier this year US Dr. Nagarwala, another Detroit doctor and his wife were accused of performing FGM on at least two young girls in a hospital in Michigan.

The three belong to the Dawoodi Bohra, an Islamic sect based in India, a “religious and cultural community” that investigators allege practices female circumcision on young girls.

The two girls were dismissed with great pain. Investigations show that the girls were cut and not "only" scraped as the doctors claim.

Despite this allegations their lawyers are still going to argue in a landmark trial that female genital mutilation is a right under religious freedom protected by the First Amendment.

When it comes to assault there is no such thing as religious freedom!

FGM is  a great crime against our most vulnerable members, our children.

There is no religious freedom or right when it comes to harming someone else! Every form of FGM is a crime against humanity and it is horrendous to defend it as a religious right.

We demand a harsh sentence and more education within the communities!

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