Waris Dirie: Thank you! Together we will change the world!

Together we will stop FGM!

Dear supporters of my Desert Flower Foundation,

today I want to thank you for your great support over the last years.

Not long after I started my fight against FGM, I received your support and encouragement!

From what started as my fight against FGM  became OUR fight against FGM.

With your great support, we have been able to celebrate many milestones during the last few years. 

Thanks to your help ...

... we are able to distribute 10,000 first reading books with a "Desert Flower Power Education Box" in Africa. With your support we would like to give 1 million education boxes to children in Africa!

... we were able to save over 1000 Little Desert Flowers in Africa from FGM!

... we were able to open up 4 Desert Flower Centers in Europe and offer a holistic treatment for affected women

... there are only a few African countries left without a FGM law.


There is still a lot to do, but we have already achieved a lot and with your support we will stop FGM!

I ask you to continue to support our cause, in order save more Little Desert Flowers and to pave the way for a better education with an education box.




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