A Letter from a sponsor

A sponsor told us her thoughts about saving a Little Desert Flower

I am not helping a fight. I am not helping Benita’s fight. This is my fight too- it is all of our fight as living breathing members of the human race!


Waris Dirie at St. Gilgen International School

St. Gilgen International School says thank you!

This was a truly inspiring evening with a truly authentic and inspiring woman. We left the evening energized and passionate about absorbing these messages and moving forward as a community committed to advancing freedom for all in this world.


Interview with EY Partner and Ultramarathon runner Christoph Harreither

The man, who runs through ice

In november Christoph Harreither will cross world's biggest ice desert. In an interview Harreither told us, why he dedicates his personal adventure to our new education project "Desert Flower gives you power" !


St. Gilgen International School- First school to support Education Project

St. Gilgen International School donates 500 first reading books

"Education for everyone is a matter of the heart for us! Therefore we are very happy to support Waris Dirie's new education project for Africa"


Antarctic Adventure- Run for a good cause

7 days through the Antarctic- Support now!

Ernst & Young Partner switches from suit into running shoes for our new education project "Desert Flower gives you power".