British doctors demand compulsory lessons on FGM

Great Britain already introduced non-compulsory curriculum on FGM in schools, but the number of victims is still rising, now doctors demand mandatory FGM classes.


Fact: FGM within Western communities

FGM hasn't only been happening among migrant communities from Africa and Asia

Renee grew up in Mid-West America. At the tender age of 3 she became a victim of FGM.


Britain's new interior minister vows to end FGM

Almost 200,000 women and girls in England and Wales have undergone FGM

Britain's interior minister Amber Rudd wants to end FGM "in a generation"


Little Desert Flower Asumpta has a future

80% of children are threatened by FGM in Sierra Leone. Asumpta was one of them.


Shocking: FGM in Dagestan, where doctors offer to cut girls for 12€

Thousand of girls are being cut without anaesthetic in Caucasus villages

Ten of thousands of girls are being cut in the Republic of Dagestan, a remote mountain area in the North Caucasus