'Modern' Singapore practices FGM

Women undergo FGM in medical clinics

It's 2016 and Singapore, a modern cosmopolitan city, still hasn't banned FGM!


Words from a supporter

Sebastian L. wrote us his thoughts on FGM and his inspiration to help

Sebastian L., student and DFF supporter

Finding movements that were working against FGM really inspired me because some movements have actually been involved in greatly lowering FGM in countries like Uganda


My first reading book for children!

I firmly believe that education is the solution for combating genital mutilation, so I want to set an end to the high illteracy rate by providing a first reading book for every child in  Africa 


Madness: 2 year old girl cut in Ireland

After the mutilation of a 2 year old girl, the Irish National Police is now looking for the perpetrator


#4: Desert Flower Center in Paris

"La maison des femmes- Centre Fleur du Désert" in Saint Denis

Waris Dirie together with singer Inna Modja and the team of DFC Paris

After Berlin, Stockholm and Amsterdam we are happy to announce a fourth Desert Flower Center in Paris