How can schools get involved?

From project week to flea market.

Project week.

Raising awareness starts in schools. Make FGM the topic of your project week. We’d love to support you and provide information. Approach us!

Class - sponsorship.

A school class can share a sponsorship for a girl threatend by FGM for the school year. It is also possible to start correspondance with the girl. This way you directly learn about FGM and take responsibility. And you also have the opportunity to extend the sponsorship at the end of the school year.


School event as Desert Flower Fundraiser.

Have your school host a “Desert Flower Fundraiser” to raise awareness and donations for the Desert Flower Foundation. You can have information desks with information about the organisation and the work that they do, contact details, sell handmade products, cakes or raffles.

Flea Market.

You could hold a stall at your local market or flea market with the earnings being donated to the Desert Flower Foundation. We’d be happy to support you and provide motto-banners as well as posters. Maybe we could also help you to fit out and construct your information- and donation-stand. Approach us!

More ideas for schools- and school classes:

Charity concerts, school plays, charity runs, cake stalls, gala days. There are no limits for you and your students ideas. Get in touch with us. We may help you with materials and information.